two year olds

More Toileting, Less Training

Why we call it “Independent Toileting” At Caring Connection Children’s Center, we do our best to help parents who are teetering in the world of “Independent Toileting” understand this process. 1. First, we must all acknowledge that each child is different. When it comes to toileting independently,

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Spider legs? Octopus? You Decide!

Just some colanders… Spaghetti strainers…. Maybe you call it a sieve…. Add a packet of pipe cleaners…. And a classroom of willing Two Year Olds! Voila! Magic in the making!! Early Childhood text books might label these skills “eye hand coordination” and “pincer muscle development”. But this classroom

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Common Behavior Stumbling Blocks…for parents with young preschoolers

Common Behavior Stumbling Blocks For parents with young preschoolers Bedtime is a pain? Bath time is a mess? Getting Dressed is pure hell? Eating dinner is deadly? Staying at the table for meals is impossible? Playing fairly (sharing)…are you kidding? These are typical times that create havoc

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