Transitioning Two Year Olds

At each of our locations, we have created a specific class to meet the needs of the Transitioning Preschool Child. These children have reached their 2nd birthday up to approximately 3 years old. Most children in this group will be learning to use the toilet, but still be in diapers. We maintain a low ratio, usually 1 teacher with 6-8 children. This will vary from time to time as enrollment demands and as the children become more self sufficient.

Busy Twos

In this classroom, we do not allow bottles or pacifiers at all. Children who are moving from our Infant/Toddler program (West Sac Campus, only) will have already begun to adjust to these changes, but new parents should prepare for these limitations. This is a busy, busy class. It is holds the same components as the older classes: Circle Time, Focus Time, Indoor and Outdoor Social Play and Music Time…but the time span expectations are a little shorter for the younger preschool child. Children will move to the next class, not based on age but on developmental readiness. The same reasoning may retain a child in the Transitioning Preschool Classroom.

Tuition is marginally higher in this class group to accommodate the lower ratio and to offset our costs for high quality disposable diapers and wipes, not Pull Ups. (We are not equipped to use cloth diapers.)

See Parent Handbook for more information on Independent Toileting and read this article on Enlighted Discipline on “Toilet Training vs. Independent Toileting”