Thematic Learning

Thematic Learning

Your Voice Matters

At Caring Connection Children’s Center we organize each week by a theme. We organize our themes throughout the month into areas that focus on cultures, terrains, animals, seasons, holidays, weather, and character traits (like self esteem or manners). Within each month our goal is to balance the type of themes to create the widest concepts. Themes allow teachers to introduce new vocabulary, concepts and visual images to children. We know that children are learning basic skills like colors, letters, numbers, etc all the time. With themes in play, even the same learning takes on a new level of excitement.  To count the clowns during Circus week or count the leaves during Autumn…counting is still in play but the theme keeps it interesting.

Exploring Cultures

Thematic Learning: Themes to be Proud of

Because children usually live in a small world, themes allow us to widen their world and help them be introduced to others who look less like them, live differently and speak in other languages. We are proud to expand our themes and try new ideas like Voting, Lifetimes, Peace and Ecology.

A Love of Learning

Curiosity Equals Learning

At Caring Connection Children’s Centers we promise to keep childhood fun. And one way we can do this is to have fun themes that inspire interest and keep children engaged in their preschool and their love for learning.