The Author: Julie

Julie Jenkins has been an Early Childhood Educator and owner/director for 30 years. Julie is the Executive Director of Caring Connection Children’s Centers. Caring Connection has two locations, one in West Sacramento and another in Midtown Sacramento.

Julie is an author and motivational speaker. She speaks professionally in her native California for parents and professionals and has traveled as far as Europe to share her speaking skills. She is funny, unruly and leaves her audiences dazzled and laughing with her energy and ideas. Julie is the author of two non fiction books: “Enlightened Discipline” and “Teens! Change is Your Choice-Solutions from Within”.

SExpertBadgeJulie has four adult children and lives in Carmichael a suburb of Sacramento. Julie loves to travel, work with small groups, conduct teacher trainings and plan new ways to inspire children and the adults who work with them. Julie has completed one novel that is not yet published.