Pre-K and Preschool

Preschool is time to learn who you are and what you like. We believe it is our job to make this easier for young children by offering them opportunities to try out new things and practice the skills that they will eventually master.


Directions and Balance

Our program emphasizes that teachers plan a balance of types of activities and styles to practice. They will practice working alone, working in small groups and working in large groups. Children will learn to follow directions and learn to lead, in big and small ways. We want to provide opportunities but not demand or create a stressful situation for any child. Most children thrive in this environment because of the balance we work hard to provide. We do our best to avoid too much indoor or too much outdoor time, which can just turn a good time into chaos.

The Building Blocks of Education

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All the skills your child will learn in Kindergarten will be started here. We do not profess to teach your child to read, (although some children may do this on their own very young) but we will give him/her the building blocks for understanding letters, numbers, weights, measurements, volume, space and so much more. Beyond these academic tasks, we will weave into their understanding a rich understanding of other cultures, animals, terrains, tradition, other homes and peoples. We will do our very best to bring the rest of the world in to the children to enrich their lives in our safe environment. We will teach your child to speak for themselves and to value other people’s opinions and learn empathy. We will listen to your child’s needs and comfort them as they are still young children, but we will not foster unhealthy dependence and will continue to cheer them on to their next personal success!

Learning while Playing

Preschoolers will learn to cut with scissors, write with pencils and yet we will not use workbooks, dittos or assign homework. Childhood is for learning through play and even though we know that they are learning all the time, we want your child to feel they have PLAYED all day long.

The Preschool and Pre-K class groups will organize activities for the specific group of children in the class at that specific time and will grow with them throughout the coming year. We will group children by their readiness, their fit by social/emotional and cognitive skills with their peers.