Infant and Toddler

Your baby as an Individual

The way we approach our Infant and Toddler program at Caring Connection is very clear. We treat all babies as the individuals they are. While following the parent’s guide to what the child is accustomed to at home, we recognize that all children behave differently with us than they do with parents at home. So, we must follow the child’s needs. Your child may need more food or less at school; your child may need more individual time in a rocking chair or is less affectionate with us than you; your child may need more comfort or more sleep at school. We follow your child’s needs and do our very best to learn, in that specific non-verbal language, what he or she is telling us.


In our infant/toddler room we don’t just feed, diaper and nap children. We have a full Infant and Toddler program that we call PlaySets, developed by Julie Jenkins Sathe, our Executive Director.

Our program will vary widely depending on how many children are attending and by their varied ages and stages. In theory, PlaySets offers two ‘sets of play’ (activities) that the two teachers offer concurrently, in adjacent areas. This allows the children to choose between the PlaySets offered, with teacher guidance. The offered PlaySets are similar, yet not the same. The young infant/toddler normally has a short attention span. PlaySets works with that limited attention span by providing two supervised PlaySets that will keep their interest for twice as long, and allow the teachers to have a role in creating a safe and stable environment.

Sample PlaySets Program

Life Play
Folding Washcloths Bathing Baby Dolls
Motor Play
Rolling Balls Dancing with Scarves
Dramatic Play
Trying on Hats Making Faces in the Mirror
Creative Play
Pudding Painting Wet Chalk on Paper

Infants and Toddlers are so capable of doing many things. It’s sometimes difficult for parents to make room for their own child to try new things. It’s natural because parents are always geared to care for their child. We, of course have caring in our name….but we do not want to cater to children. We want them to try, succeed….try….and try again. And our environment is made for it, whereas it is not always feasible or prudent at home.

Nothing wrong with a little mess

At Caring Connection, there is nothing punitive in making a mess, spilling or missing the mark. Trying and trying again, sampling and spitting out, missing the paper, spilling the juice; are all examples of trying again. Standing up and falling down, wanting a toy and pouring out all the toys to get it are all developmental ways of trying. We allow trying at Caring Connection. Children will get dirty, messy and go home with details of their day on their clothing. A little paint here, a little milk there…

We want to prepare you for this. We do ask that children bring extra clothes for the BIG messes; an unexpected vomiting incident while we wait for parent pick-up, a big fall in muddy water, etc. But most days your child will come home with evidence of discovery and life, not redresses and bathed. For this, you should be prepared.

Come and visit us and see an example of how our program works. It’s only one day and it will be different than the next, of that I can assure you!