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Our greatest joy is providing an inspired, learning environment for your child; learning about himself, discovering the world she lives in, exploring and mastering his own skills and feeling great about herself.

That’s what we want to provide.

At Caring Connection Children’s Center we do this by having fun, making a mess and creating a safe, emotional space to try…sometimes fail…but keep trying. We open doors for children through social interactions, through creative outlets, through nature and art, math and science and by human interaction.

We love and nurture the children who come to our schools. We teach them how to learn, discover and wonder. We model how to be excited, exuberant and how to move in the world as a social being. We teach them how to live with others, enjoy their unique individuality and find new ways to experience their life with joy.

Join us in heath and happiness at Caring Connection Children’s Center, Midtown or West Sac Campus.