Facility and Staff – West Sacramento

2018 Color Run!

The West Sacramento Campus is located on a residential corner lot, play area tucked safely away behind the building. Parking for parents and staff is easily available on the street and in the two driveways. The entrance to the school is a converted porch on the corner of Westacre and Madrone Streets. The enclosed foyer is secured (for children’s safety) from visitors who can ring the front door bell and be greeted.

Caring Connection’s front door is equipped with a coded security entrance, allowing enrolled parents and authorized people access during open hours. We believe parents and prospective parents should always have access to our facility.

Camping Week with Brittany

Within the facility we have a fully operational kitchen where meals and snacks are prepared on site by our staff cook.

Dr Seuss week with Chandelle

We have a staff/adult bathroom, a garage which includes on site laundry facilities and storage. We have three main classroom spaces for use with the preschool age classes and a separate room is used for three smaller infant class groups.

Our middle room is a combination Director’s office and literacy area and is used by all preschool age groups. The children’s bathrooms are centrally located.

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Infants and Toddlers exploring nature

The infant classroom has two defined spaces for toddlers active play and quiet play; diapering table, kitchenette area with mini fridge for bottles or milk, baby food storage and bottle warming. There are soft areas for cuddling, carpet areas for floor play and small tables for younger babies and more personal moments.  As the ages of children change from non-mobile infant to walking toddler, so does our environment morph to meet the children’s needs. Beyond the play spaces is one room for napping toddlers or babies in cribs. The infants and toddlers share the preschool playground when the preschool children are indoors, weather permitting. Beyond the infant rooms is the staff break room which has a private entrance used by the Director and staff.


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