Child Inspired

Spaghetti and Asparagus! Spagharagusetti!!

Meals are not just nutrition. They provide opportunities for trying skills on our own. a Maybe not even the easiest way – But this is what success looks like!  a a Taking turns, learning new skills, learning manners, using new utensils. The comfort of mealtime, the flavor

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Friday Picnic for Toddlers, Inside or Outside. Life is so Good!

Toddlers can enjoy Friday picnic day. A little sunshine through the open door. Outside in the dappled light are the walking toddlers, enjoying the sunshiny day…. Sharing their food and smiles, socializing as toddlers do… While the not-yet-walkers commune together, just inside the opened door… …they eat

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Move-able Parts & Why They’re So Cool

You may not know that preschool teachers are terrible (or wonderful) hoarders. But now we want to share why! Go Kenji! Yes, all you wine drinkers. This one’s for you! And at Christmas time it’s very easy to ask for the end cuts of pine trees. These end cuts add

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A Little Love will Do It!

It starts out so controlled. Sharing, taking turns and developing those skills. Look at our children truly working in community. Of course, some kids do like to lead… and others wait on (with ummm) patience.. . their patience pays off! But one thing leads to another and

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Just Get Your coat!

What are you waiting for? Just grab your coat and put it on. Like me! Come on! You’re missing all the fun. We’re busy, so it’s not cold. It’s the best weather for making sand pies. …or playing in the sand. Whatcha waitin’ for? Put up your

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Passing on Family Traditions

Sometimes as parents, we wonder if our children will get the same family traditions that we cherish. As I worked in my office yesterday, at Caring Connection Children’s Center everyone who visited and worked there was reliving their own personal memories of fall, family, Thanksgiving and the

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Summer Ends and Autumn Comes…Get Ready for the Next Round of Fun!

It was just yesterday, we were playing in the sun and learning at our “beach”… Everything is Upside-down now that Summer is coming to an end! Oncoming season trends have brought families to join us for our hands-on ‘Back the School’ Night Toddlers have become two year

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Mid Summer Night’s Children’s Art Gallery & Auction

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1st  6:00-7:00 pm   Join Caring Connection Children’s Center for the unveiling of our first Art Gallery and Auction.  Art pieces will be child done or child inspired.  Individual pieces will be available for purchase by: dutch auction, silent auction and live auction.  Don’t miss

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Aw Shucks!

Perhaps you think I’m a little corny… But I have a kernal of an idea…. That by the end of my little pictures…. You will be grinning… From ear to ear, too.

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Little Learners

People often ask, “what will my children do all day in the infant/toddler room”? Frequently no one can really understand how young babies and toddlers can be kept active and interested all day long. It is a hard job and requires much concentration, attention and creativity. But

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Meet Julie

Julie Jenkins devoted 30+ years to up leveling the way adults teach children about behavior. She put her philosophy into print in 2004 in Enlightened Discipline.

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