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Class Groups and Moving Forward

At Caring Connection Children’s Center we have three preschool class groups, the Pals, the Friends and the Partners. The children within the class groups are matched so that they are working with other children in their range of development; social, verbal, intellectual, emotional and physical. But, we

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Up, Up and AWAY

aa Children learn by doing, seeing and deciding. We asked our kids how they would like to learn about the wind. One of the activities we could do (the airplane ride was out) was release balloons. a Let’s see where they go and how far. A note

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Join us on Sunday! Sing with Mister Cooper. Play with the kids. Tour the facility and enjoy the spring in the Natural Playscape of Caring Connection Children’s Center – Midtown Campus.  Julie Jenkins Sathe, author of Enlightened Discipline and several early childhood education experts will be available to

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our GRAND OPENING GALA is just around the corner…

The sandbox boat has been docked. Plants are tucked behind it waiting for backfill. Sand will make this boat one favorite play space. Welcoming bench and planters awaiting some gorgeous greeters, coming and going.   Redwood planters greet and flank the gate to the yard…. the pathway

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Spaghetti and Asparagus! Spagharagusetti!!

Meals are not just nutrition. They provide opportunities for trying skills on our own. a Maybe not even the easiest way – But this is what success looks like!  a a Taking turns, learning new skills, learning manners, using new utensils. The comfort of mealtime, the flavor

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Stepping up to the Task!

Here, the exterior wall get’s some new siding. Ta Da! The old grounds are cleaned and I can even see some new growth in anticipation of the lives we will see blossoming here, soon.  With donations from church members (Thanks Caroline Tabor) and a local craftsman, Jeremy

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Friday Picnic for Toddlers, Inside or Outside. Life is so Good!

Toddlers can enjoy Friday picnic day. A little sunshine through the open door. Outside in the dappled light are the walking toddlers, enjoying the sunshiny day…. Sharing their food and smiles, socializing as toddlers do… While the not-yet-walkers commune together, just inside the opened door… …they eat

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Little by Little the Magic Shapes Up

a Look Up! You will see our HIGH hopes for Caring Connection Children’s Center – Midtown Sit down and READ between the lines…. You will hear THE STORY of how much love, joy and fun we are all investing into this new location of a fantastic program. COLOR

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Move-able Parts & Why They’re So Cool

You may not know that preschool teachers are terrible (or wonderful) hoarders. But now we want to share why! Go Kenji! Yes, all you wine drinkers. This one’s for you! And at Christmas time it’s very easy to ask for the end cuts of pine trees. These end cuts add

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Meet Julie

Julie Jenkins devoted 30+ years to up leveling the way adults teach children about behavior. She put her philosophy into print in 2004 in Enlightened Discipline.

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