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Shout it out to all of Downtown

The following is a song written by teacher Kellie Lynch I wake up in the morning right at dawn,    I brush my teeth and put my tennis shoes on.   Gettin’ ready for school where I learn and play   The safe, kind and clean way.

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Nature, Nature…Everywhere!

Welcome fish to our new school. We love your swimming, your colors are so cool. Welcome herbs your unusual scent. I don’t know where you came from but know where you went. See us at work, or play as they say. We could do it forever or at least

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No Wait? No Way! Midtown Hooray!!!

Our flair for nature inspired learning will captivate your child. Our spark for the dramatic with inspire your  child’s ideas and wilder side… Our love of the planet and how we teach that to your child  will warm your heart… We’re ready. Are you? No waiting. No joke. Right

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You will love us! Your kids will love us!

Enroll your child for the summer, for the year, part time or full time.  Right now is your opportunity.  At midtown child care center will not have openings for long. But we do NOW. See our platform for play where children  can try on their dramatic side! Visit our

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Sound Garden on a Fence and Voila! It’s Music Discovery

What a wonderful use of pots and pans,  unstrung wind chimes and a fence with a long lifeline. Just hanging on the fence waiting for some attention. For inspiration, all these boys needed was a couple of sticks  and to hear the potential sounds that could be made. 

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Earth Play on Earth Day

Nature provides enough opportunities for learning, measuring, experimentation and discovery. Opportunities for social interaction, cooperation and compromise. Taking risks within limits and finding success. Encouraging one another. Leading and following. Engineering at the preschool level. Discovering and respecting life in its natural spaces. After all, it’s EARTH

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Why Choose Us?

So…you ask, “What makes Caring Connection Children’s Center special? What makes this preschool stand apart from the rest?” Caring Connection Children’s Center is led by Julie Jenkins Sathe. Julie has been in the ECE field in Sacramentosince 1979. In 1987 Julie was the founder of Hand-In-Hand Preschool

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Safe, Kind & Clean Philosophy and Natural Playscape? Yes, Indeed.

Julie Jenkins Sathe, Executive Director of Caring Connection Children’s Center is the creator of these guiding principles. So simple. So effective. Learn about it. April 13th Open House Join us at the new location of Caring Connection Children’s Center in Midtown Sacramento. Enroll as a Founding Family

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Nature Inspired Conversations

Social development and learning to communicate are true skills that pre-kindergarten children will develop in a social environment.  Independent and directed learning is one way to discover, but sharing, taking turns and finding ones own voice… that happens in an organic conversation is priceless.  Younger children benefit from parallel

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Grand Opening Gala was a Hit!

There was smiling.  There was playing. There was meandering. There was painting. There was performing. There was listening. There was dancing. There was watching. There was eating. There was singing and clapping. There was team-working. There was ceremony. There was silliness. There were tributes. There was affection.

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Meet Julie

Julie Jenkins devoted 30+ years to up leveling the way adults teach children about behavior. She put her philosophy into print in 2004 in Enlightened Discipline.

ccccwebsite-16Purchase Julie's book Enlightened Discipline

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