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Laugh, Play & Have Fun with Your Child …On The Cheap!

“Laugh,Play and Have Fun With Your Child …..On The Cheap” by Julie Jenkins Sathe Okay, yeah…yeah…we all have heard the news, the budget, the economy, we are balancing our checkbooks and buying groceries and it feels like spinning plates in the air. Okay, so things were feeling

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“Discipline vs. Punishment” Julie Jenkins Sathe Author of “ENLIGHTENED DISCIPLINE” I walked into the room and heard a teacher say, “So, I know you don’t believe in discipline, so what do you do when…..” The rest of the sentence was lost to me. We don’t discipline? I

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15 Tips for Creating Success for Your Preschool Child

15 Tips for Creating Success for your Preschool Child By Julie Jenkins Sathe Author of “ENLIGHTENED DISCIPLINE” Begin your child’s day with a healthy breakfast. Avoid quick foods with a high sugar content. Balance carbohydrates with protein by adding peanut butter to a graham cracker

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PARENTING …. THE BALANCING ACT It’s every parent’s first job, to strike a balance between home, work, children, personal time and recreation. It is not only important, but striking a balance is the most self-less thing a parent can do. Well rounded parents who are actively involved

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C’mon, Mom…Let Me Play! By Julie Jenkins Sathe Author of “ENLIGHTENED DISCIPLINE” To a child, adult approval means everything. Children who are worried about the routine occurrences that can happen during the course of a normal day may run into real problems. Let’s look at it

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DOG TALK? Stop It!!

DOG TALK? STOP IT. Julie Jenkins Sathe Author of “ENLIGHTENED DISCIPLINE” “Stop it!” is a perfect example of what I call Dog Talk. It is really quite startling to parents when I reprimand them on their speech pattern by referring to it as Dog Talk. But they

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“Promises To Children…A Slippery Slope!” Julie Jenkins Sathe Author of “ENLIGHTENED DISCIPLINE” For anyone who has children or works with children, making promises is something we adults must all consider. Really consider. If you watch yourself, the reason that you are making a promise may have

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Meet Julie

Julie Jenkins devoted 30+ years to up leveling the way adults teach children about behavior. She put her philosophy into print in 2004 in Enlightened Discipline.

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